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Staff Pets


This is Minnie, our rescue dog.   One of our clients found her in a car park, where she had apparently been abandoned, a few years ago.  She was brought to our surgery in a very poor state, with a womb infection and rotten teeth.    After fixing her up, Howard took her home where she has become part of their family.

She has a permanent snore due to damage from the teeth being so infected, and some other foibles which can be exasperating at times.   However, she has become well known in Chudleigh and on walks she is often greeted by strangers who know her, but not the person walking her!

Howard says, “Most of the staff have one or two rescue animals that they have taken in out of compassion, it’s a (delightful) hazard of the trade!”



Loki is Student Vet Nurse Heather's Finnish Lapphund. A very handsome boy, he has been to Crufts twice and won the rosette you see him pictured with here (along with many more)! Loki was bred locally, and is part of a family of beautiful Finnish Lapphunds. 



Lottie is Receptionist Lisa's rescue cat. Lottie was brought in to us at KVG as a stray, and when no one claimed her, Lisa fell in love and took her home. Lottie enjoys lots of cuddles and snuggling up on the bed, like you see here!



Mally is Receptionist Bibi's cat. As you can see, she's a real princess! She enjoys snuggles and taking over the entire bed, like in the picture! She is a very pampered puss!


Fred, Pixie and Boo

These are Practice Manager Deana's babies Fred, Boo and Pixie. Fred loves all people and getting into cars, Boo is a mummy's girl and Pixie is an independent kitten. It's very rare to see all three together, like in this lovely photo! There must have been something very interesting outside the window!!