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Day in the Life of a Vet Nurse

The role of Veterinary Nurse, is a wide and all encompassing. Working predominantly behind the scenes, we are responsible for anesthesia monitoring, preparing for surgical operations, monitoring recovery, as well as medical care of any inpatients.

We are also responsible for maintaining general hygiene of the consultation rooms and sterility of the theatres.

We also provide daily nursing clinics to clients, covering preventative care, and dental, flea, worm, senior, adolescent, over weight and diabetic clinics.

We also provide behavior consultations, micro-chipping, 2nd Vaccinations and  bandage changes.

All aiming to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Working as a veterinary nurse provides a varied and interesting career. Each member of the nursing team, loves what they do!

We are also a training practice, and hope we can pass on our enthusiasm and experience to  the next generation of veterinary nurses.