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Work Experience Diary

The following is a diary written by one of our Work Experience students Alexa who was with us for a week in June 2017. 

My first day- 19th June 2017

I started my day at 9:00am, and I was very nervous as I didn’t know what was about to happen. It was a completely new place and I knew nobody. I finally overcame my fear of new surrounding once I was introduced to the lovely staff that work there. They were so welcoming and I felt 100% myself again. They started me off with some paper work and safety checks, like what to do if there was a fire and how to carry heavy objects. Then I was given a tour around the practise. For most of the day I was stood in consultations rooms watching people with their pets come in and out. I loved seeing all the animals. I saw many dogs, one cat and a baby seagull. The end of the day was coming and there weren’t many jobs left to do. I helped in the office by putting forget me not seeds in envelopes to put in cards for all the pet owners who have lost their companions so they can plant them in their gardens in memory. I thought this was a lovely idea. My last job was to mop the floors of each room and clean all the surfaces. I had a really good first day and left at go home at 4:00pm.

Day 2- 20th June 2017

Today I had to sign myself in at reception and grabbed my blue apron. I was introduced to a student from south Devon College who was also doing a work experience. We were handed a list of jobs we had to complete during the day, as well as watching operations and watching consultations. We worked together on that for most of the day. The jobs mostly included doing the washing up, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning cages and making teas and coffees for everyone. We got through the whole list by 4:00. The best part of the day was being able to walk around and do things on my own, in my own time. I really felt like a member of the team. When I would walk past everyone they would smile and they would always include me in their conversations. There was a lot of sitting around near to the end of the day because there were no jobs left on the list and everyone was packing away. This was the only bad part of the day but there will be times like that.

Day 3- 21st June 2017

I feel as if now on the third day I’ve got the hang of things and I know what to do when I arrive. I grab my blue apron and head upstairs to see what my first job is. The only big and important thing that’s happened today was seeing an operation for the first time. I felt really sad for the dog because she had two operations one after the other. They told me before I went in the theatre that if at any chance I need to go outside I can. I thought that I would have to do that because I have a weak stomach but I was wrong. I stayed for both of the operations and even got to help hold something in place for the vet. I really surprised myself and was really happy that I stayed to see it all. As the vet was doing everything he explained exactly what he was doing, I felt very included. For the most time I was doing little jobs with the vet nurses and jot to help out in the pharmacy counting how many of each medicine that was in stock. I also watched one consultation and realised that I really like cavalier spaniels, and I watched little procedures like taking blood or removing a screw from a dog’s leg.

Day 4- 22nd June 2017

Every day I meet new people, today I met another nurse and another student whose working with the vets and nurses for a work experience. Me and the woman who was in charge of me went up into the staff room and looked through my work experience booklet and filled everything in so I was up to date. I watched another operation, this time it was on a rabbit. I felt a little wheezy because I hadn’t eaten and it was a very claustrophobic room. It was okay; I went upstairs to the staff room, had a drink and some food and saw the rest of the operation. For the most of the day I was cleaning again and watching vets and nurses do various things in the prep rooms. The best part of the day was seeing these really cute puppies come in, there were about 8 of them and they were all trying to escape the cage. Also seeing this huge German Shepard. Me and a couple of other people brushed its fur while it was still waking up from the anaesthetics and the hair was so big it covered everyone. The dog looked much skinnier once we brushed it.

My final day- 23rd June 2017

It was really sad knowing it was the last time I be helping at Kingsteighton veterinary group. I have grown to like cleaning the building and looking after the animals. It was a super quite day so not many things needed to be done. I watched a couple of consultations, cleaned up after each animal in the prep room and talked to the vet nurses about their jobs and how they got to be where they are. Their advice was very useful. It was time to leave and most of the people I’ve been working with went home so I couldn’t say bye to them. I wrote a note on the white bored where they write down the animals that had come in and out on that day, then I walked upstairs to say thank you and bye to everyone who was there. I hope everyone saw that note and I’m so happy I went to their vets for work experience. Everyone was so lovely and caring, and I had an amazing time.