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Client FAQs

What is the procedure for repeat prescriptions?

Please check our Prescriptions section for all of the relevant information. You are also able to request repeat prescriptions online or by telephone.

Where can I request information about prescriptions?

We have a sign clearly displayed in our reception area showing this information and if you would like a copy, please ask our receptionist to print one for you.

What happens if my pet needs an operation?

Your vet will talk to you about why surgery may be necessary, what the operation will entail and when it will take place. You may be asked to keep your pet from eating and drinking in the hours before the operation (just like you’d expect with any human operation where nil by mouth is essential before anaesthetic is given).

Once booked in your pet will stay with us in our modern and comfortable kennelling. We know that waiting can be an anxious time for owners, which is why we will contact you, at least once a day, to let you know how your pet is getting on. To enable us to do that, please ensure that we have your up-to-date contact details before you leave the surgery. Any overnight care will be arranged by the vet in charge of your pet.

What if my pet needs specialist treatment?

We can deal with the majority of procedures and operations at the surgery, so your pet is looked after by the vets and nurses they know. On rare occasions patients may need to be referred to a specialist outside the Kingsteignton Veterinary Group vet surgery team. If this is the case your pet"s medical records will be supplied to the referral surgery. These will be accompanied by a referral letter which will outline your pet"s medical condition and treatment up to the point of referral. These records and all clinical findings will be returned to us so that we are kept fully informed of the outcome of your visit and any subsequent treatment that might be required.

Please be aware that referrals and second opinions usually incur additional consultation fees for the second veterinary surgeon"s professional time. Referrals will only proceed with your prior consent.

Should I take out pet insurance?

It boils down to your personal preference, but the affordable monthly payments can give you peace of mind knowing that essential healthcare will be covered by your insurer if your pet needs treatment.

Can I arrange pet insurance through the surgery?

Yes, just contact us and ask for the dedicated team member who is trained to help arrange pet insurance. We are able to undertake treatment for pets with most insurance companies.

What pet insurance do you recommend?

Due to changes in the Financial Services Act (FSA) regulations, we are no longer allowed to recommend specific companies or policies. We are only permitted to complete the veterinary surgeries section of the claim forms. We do however recommend that you insure your pets for both third party liability and for veterinary cover. Knowing that you can meet the cost of treatment gives great peace of mind. We have leaflets for various insurance schemes at all our surgeries.

Can I book a home visit?

During normal surgery hours, visits can be arranged if you telephone us either the day before or before 10am, but in most circumstances it is in the interests of both you and your pet to be seen at the surgery. Here we can make a more thorough examination, undertake diagnostic tests if necessary (blood tests for example) and give prompt treatment.

Please remember that we have to make an additional charge on top of the consultation fee for home visits, but we can usually offer the services of a veterinary ambulance to collect and return your pets to you.

What do I do in an emergency?

If an emergency arises during surgery hours please phone your normal branch. The staff will do all they can to assist, and will arrange an emergency appointment for your pet. Where possible you will be seen at your usual branch surgery, but in some instances it may be that you will be asked to attend one of our other branches.

For out of hours emergencies, please call us on 01626 354260. If at all possible, we ask that clients bring the patient straight to the practice on call, so that we have all the facilities and diagnostic aids immediately to hand to help emergency cases. We are happy to do a house visit, but may not be able to offer the specialist treatment needed.

The practice is not manned by staff 24 hours a day, but we will ensure that any patient staying overnight is checked regularly with a vet on call overnight. We share our out of hours service with another local Newton Abbot Veterinary Practice, Powderham Vet Clinic.

Do you have emergency out of hours cover?

Yes, we do. We hope with our extended hours you're less likely to need to call the emergency service and pay emergency premium rates. We share our out of hours service with another mixed local practice in Newton Abbott. Powderham Vet Group.

When should I call a vet?

It's not always easy to recognise when your pet needs immediate assistance. You can use our online symptom guide to help you reach a decision, but if you are in any doubt then please contact us. Our surgeries are open long hours, weekdays and Saturday mornings . There  is always a vet on the end of the on call phone, who can offer advice and reassurance, and an appointment if needed.

How much do emergency out of hours treatments cost?

Treatment costs vary, but each out of hours service provider has a minimum call-out rate. Once the emergency is dealt with, then subsequent care can be undertaken by Kingsteignton Veterinary Group vets at our standard rates.

When do I have to pay for treatment?

Payment is required at the time of treatment or when medicines are dispensed. If you anticipate a problem paying the fees please let us know prior to the start of treatment. If your pet should require hospitalisation, we are happy to provide an ongoing update on your fees for you.

How can I pay?

We accept cash and all major debit/credit cards, but we do not accept cheques. Please note that we reserve the right to charge administration fees for unpaid balances and to employ the services of a debt collection agency where necessary.

How much are consultations, vaccinations, drugs and surgical procedures?

Unfortunately, there is no NHS for pets. All private veterinary practices are funded by the fees that you pay. Our fees reflect the services, facilities, equipment and expertise we can offer. We try to keep costs down as far as possible and to help us do this, we ask you to pay at the time of treatment.

We are always happy to give an estimate of costs in advance, however it is not always possible for our vets to anticipate how a case may progress. We will keep you informed if treatment costs are likely to exceed the estimate given. All fees and medicines are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. All major credit cards are accepted, except American Express.

What is the cost of a trip to the vets?

This depends on the nature of your visit. At Kingsteignton Veterinary Group we’re a firm believer in giving value for money. At our reception we openly display a list of the prices for our most popular services: consultations, vaccinations and neutering. The prices for other treatments are readily available upon request from a member of our veterinary team, and we will always give you an estimate of costs before treating your pet.

How much is medication likely to cost?

The costs for drugs vary.  The price of any medication prescribed to your pet can be provided on request.

How do I raise any concerns?

We strive to provide the best possible patient and customer care. Should we not reach your expectations and you would like to discuss the matter further then please let us know. You can speak to any member of staff at the practice and they will bring it to the attention of one of the partners.

What happens with my pet's medical records?

Legally your vet surgery must keep any clinical records. This includes any x-rays and other diagnostic results. You are welcome to see a copy of your pet's records on request.

If you are moving away from us, we will be sad to see you go but please let us know which practice is going to be looking after your pet and we will happily send them all your notes.

At the moment we do not routinely send on x-rays, but it is something we hope to do in the future as digital x-rays become more common.

What happens to the information that you have on record about me and my pet?

All Kingsteignton Veterinary Group surgeries adhere to the Data Protection Act. Your details will only be used to contact you with vaccination reminders and other health matters, or where you have opted to receive news from Kingsteignton Veterinary Group about special events and promotions.