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Client Resources

Unfortunately many clients appear to lose these in the excitement of getting their pet back and going home. We’ve included copies of these handouts on the web site as a resource that owners can print out as required.

All of these handouts give general advice on the care of your pet. Please note that this advice may have been modified by the veterinary surgeon in charge of your pet depending on the condition that was being dealt with. Please make sure you understand any additional special instructions that have been given to you about your pet’s care. If you feel confused, please ask us until you are sure you understand.

These handouts have been produced for the clients of Kingsteignton Veterinary Group and differing advice may be given by other veterinary surgeons depending on their own particular circumstances. We would urge clients of other veterinary practices to consult their own practice's handouts or seek advice from members of staff of that practice

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Kidney Disease in Cats

Heart conditions in Dogs

Heart conditions in Cats

Keratoconjunctivits sicca conjunctivitis in Dogs (KCC / Dry eye)