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Order a Prescription

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in a number of ways:

We ask you for at least 48 hours notice to help us ensure that we have everything ready for you when you come in. All our dispensed medication undergoes authorisation and a double checking process to avoid errors.

We are proud to operate a predictive pharmacy, where we will try and pre-empt when your medications may be running out and will prepare your medications before you ask us for them.

Medication Check Ups

As recommended by the RCVS we operate a system of regular check ups for pets on long term medications. These are generally every six months once a pet is stable on its medication, but may often be shorter for a number of reasons, including:

  • Eye and ear conditions where special equipment is needed to assess the extent of the problem
  • Elderly animals where changes can happen more quickly
  • During the early stages of a condition when working with you to stabilise your pet's condition
  • More complicated or end stage conditions when we are more concerned such as cardiac conditions or diabetes

We have a traffic light system to help clients guidance as to when they will be due for a check up:

  • Green dot = 2 or more repeats will be dispensed before we need to see your pet
  • Orange dot = 1 further repeat will be dispensed before we need to see your pet
  • Red dot = Your pet will need to be seen before any further medication will be dispensed

Most common POM-Vs

The ten POM-Vs most commonly prescribed or supplied during a typical 3 month period at Kingsteignton Vet Group are:

  1. Metacam Oral 10ml
  2. Advocate 100 Dog
  3. Advocate 250 Dog
  4. Advocate 40 Cat (Small)
  5. Advocate 80 Cat (Large)
  6. Isathal Eye Ointment
  7. Canaural Drops
  8. Advocate 400 Dog
    (Large - over 25kg)
  9. Advocate 40 Dog
    (Small - under 4kg)
  10. Isaderm Gel

We are always happy to provide costs for all medication that we supply on request.