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What We Do

The services we offer to pet owners reflect the many years of experience we have in what our pets need to remain happy and healthy during their lives. Having a modern facility, as well as an excellent team, helps us provide your pet with this care.

We are proud of our extended facilities, which we developed in 2007. They have allowed us to provide significantly improved levels of care and standards. The extra consulting rooms allowed the development of our nurse clinics, a separate imaging room allowed us to deal effectively with emergencies throughout day and improve our cardiac service. The centrepiece of the improvement was a tripling in the size of our prep room, allowing a separate dental table to be installed and dirty procedures to be carried outside of the sterile operating theatres. A separate laboratory allowed new faster equipment to be installed meaning we can offer in-house immediate biochemistry, electrolytes and haematology. A large walk-in kennel means we can give more space to our larger patients.

  • Dog & Cat Wards: We are proud to say that during the day we have a qualified veterinary nurse who is responsible for checking on the in-patients before and after ops making sure everything is progressing well and that all our patients are not distressed and are comfortable.
  • In-house laboratory
  • Cardiac investigations
  • Orthopaedic equipment
  • Clinical Imaging: Two of our vets, Jane and Julia, have an interest in ultrasonography. This can aid in the diagnosis and management of many conditions (kidney,liver,spleen,bladder) and also in the management and diagnosis of cardiac disease.The measurement of heart chambers can help pick up early signs of disease. Also used to detect broken bones, foreign bodies, lung disease.
  • Operating theatres.
  • Video rigid and flexible endoscopes.
  • Consultation rooms.
  • Acupuncture
  • Behavioural clinics

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