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All operations are performed at the Kingsteignton branch, usually on weekday mornings. We are very proud of our facilities, which include a preparation room and 2 dedicated operating theatres. These are well lit and equipped.


The procedure of any operation is as follows:

  • The patient is booked in, either by phone or during a consultation.
  • On the day
    • No food from 8.30 - 9am
    • Admitted by a nurse or vet (explains estimates)
    • Admission for is explained and then signed. This is for permission to give general anaesthetic
    • Admitted into the kennels or cattery, which are separate
    • Catheter, bloods, premed (inc. pain relief if necessary)
    • Placed on prep table
      • Propofol
      • Intubated
      • GA - Cevo
    • Prepped then taken through to ops theatre
    • Capnograph. Insulated
    • Monitored throughout by a qualified nurse
    • Op performed
    • Taken back to kennel/cattery, tube removed, monitored by kennel nurse
    • Fed as soon as awake. Owner phoned and discharge appointment booked
    • Post-op care discussed, Rx, collar
  • Post-op check - 3 days. Stitches out - 12 days

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