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Puppy Parties

Socialisation is very important for puppies. A lack of it is the most common cause of fear and agitation. 

Since 27th July 2015, we have been running puppy socialisation events, AKA Puppy Parties! Here, you can begin the socialisation process in a fun, safe environment with the help of our knowledgeable and trained staff.   We have had loads of really positive feedback from puppy owners, who really enjoy the time they spend with us and learn a lot too! 

As part of our Puppy Vaccination package (Puppy Club), we offer a complimentary Puppy Party, and for those who have not taken advantage of the Puppy Vaccination pack, a small charge of £5.00 per session is made.  These are usually held fortnightly, at our Kingsteignton practice on Tuesday evenings 7.15 -8.15pm. 

Refreshments are included for both the puppies and humans, along with a complimentary gift bag for all those that attend.

If you would like to come along to a Puppy Party with your new bundle of joy, we would love to see you both... Contact us on 01626 354260 or click here to arrange an appointment.

Below are some pictures from previous parties.