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Puppy Vaccination Packages (Puppy Club)

Puppy Packages (Puppy Club)

At Kingsteignton we want to offer the best service possible for your new puppy.

All of our puppy Packages include

  • A full clinical examination at the 1st vaccination and a check at the second vaccination
  • All of our vaccinations include our NEW LEPTO vaccination, LEPTO 4 and PARA-INFLUENZA, DISTEMPER, HEPATITIS AND  PARVO vaccination
  • A Microchip (if your puppy is not already microchipped)
  • 1 vial of Advocate spot on flea and wormer treatment
  • 1 tube of Panacur wormer
  • Adolescent checks at 4,5 and 6 months (to quickly pick up any problems, and worm and flea as required).
  • Complimentary Puppy Party (Puppy Socialisation)

Our Standard Vaccination for the above is £72.50 plus VAT

Our Full vaccination which includes the above and Kennel Cough is £79.00 plus VAT

Kennel Cough isn't just for dogs that go into kennels! It is the doggy form of human Whooping Cough, and causes a nasty upper respiratory cough. It is caused by a virus Para-influenza (covered for in our standard vaccination) and a bacteria which is included in the kennel cough vaccination. Kennel Cough is very contagious and spreads easily between dogs, and we regularly see outbreaks in dogs walked in parks, and other areas, which have a high doggy population.