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Your Pets

Please send us photos and stories of your pets so we can add them.

January 2019


The Beautiful Maine Coon Magic. He's 7.5 years old and thinks he's human. He always wants to eat what we have. He is also an extremely fast hunter. Naughty boy catches squirrels and baby bunnies. He loves Catnip and dreamies. And finally, he's a bit of a Diva, as he insists on his daily brushing and lifts his paws up to get brushed underneath.

2018 Babies


This is Bob, a wonderful Beagle. He is a confident and playful dog; his lovely owners have worked hard at training him. He attended Puppy clinics with our Registered Veterinary Nurse Heather. She helped with advice on nutrition, training and don’t forget cuddles! Bob later came to see us for a castration procedure, he was a well-behaved patient! All the staff enjoyed seeing him for his post-op checks after the procedure. His owner’s have done a fabulous job training Bob. Sharon our Receptionist loves giving him a cuddle and a treat.

We believe Bob deserves a big well done from everyone at KVG :)


Here we have the gorgeous Eddy who won the hearts of all of our nurses when he came in to be castrated. Can you see why we fell in love with him ❤️

Babies of 2017!

Here are some of your cute babies of 2017. 

Babies of 2016!

Here are some of your gorgeous babies of 2016. 


Some of our new babies - 2015


Here is another great, heart warming story from Kingsteignton Veterinary Group by Jacqui, our Student Veterinary Nurse

In November 2014, Pug came into our evening surgery because he was very poorly. He was 12weeks old and was previously seen in good health. Pug was presented severely anaemic and was having difficulty breathing. Prognosis was poor due to an unknown cause, despite his clinical symptoms.
After discussing with the owners it was agreed for Jacqui, the late nurse to take Pug home. Constant observations were vital for Pug's recovery. Intensive nursing care was delivered overnight and a blood transfusion was given the following day. He was then sent to a specialist for further assessment and treatment.
Pug proved to be a tough little dog as the chances of pulling through were slim! After weeks of repeated blood tests and regular treatment his red blood cells began to increase. Finally, a rare allergic reaction was diagnosed.
During his treatment, Pug stole the hearts of the clinical team, he is a much loved client and loves cuddles on every visit! He recently returned to us for neutering and has made a full recovery. We look forward to seeing Pug for many years to come – for the right reasons of course!

The perfect cat room!
One of our clients has got this multi-cat household sorted!  Cats need to have lots of toys, beds and levels to live in a house with more than one cat.

Sleeping friends

I thought I would share this lovely picture from one of our clients.......their lovely boys, all snuggling up together, so sweet :-)