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Star Pets!


 Taz was in an RTA

He was such a brave boy, after fixing a broken leg Taz spent many weeks in recovery at home, sadly due to the RTA nerves were damaged and taz lost use of the leg. An amputation was performed and although it was a sad outcome taz has been a star throughout and is recovering well and can play and go on walks again. 

I'm pleased to report that, exactly as Vet Naz had suggested and advised, our Taz is doing SO WELL now :) . He is out walking (and running!) quite happily and absolutely loving life again. He is coping so well on his 3 legs and, other than having much shorter walks than previously, things are pretty much back to normal. It's such a relief! Thank you again for everything and for helping give us our Taz back, we are very grateful.


Ozzie the cat who used up one of his nine lives!

Ozzie was brought to us after being in a road traffic accident and he was in a terrible state! He had a broken jaw and was in a lot of pain.

The vet and nurses provided analgesia (pain relief) and made sure the patient was stable and not in shock. Once he was feeling comfortable, surgery could be performed to fix his jaw. Nazim one of the vets at Kingsteignton Veterinary Group wired the jaw to help it heal properly. Ozzie also had a feeding tube placed as he was unable to eat. The nurses had to feed Ozzie very carefully to ensure he got enough nutrition to support him. With great care, patience and support Ozzie is now back on his feet. He is able to eat again and his jaw is healing nicely. Ozzie became one of the team as he was hospitalised for quite a while. He provided much needed cuddles to all the team. Although we miss him, we are overjoyed that he is back at home with his lovely family.


Some of you may not have heard of people involving their pets in their weddings, but why not! They are members of the family after all. Sunny the lovely Labrador was not just the best man but also had the important role of ring-bearer. His owners had a lovely day and said that Sunny was perfect throughout the ceremony and didn’t even try and eat the wedding cake!

All of us at Kingsteignton Vet Group would like to congratulate Sunny’s mum and dad on their perfect day!

Sunny is always a true gentleman when he visits Kingsteignton Veterinary Group. He loves having a cuddle from reception and a treat never goes a miss.


This is Bob, a wonderful Beagle. He is a confident and playful dog; his lovely owners have worked hard at training him. He attended Puppy clinics with our Registered Veterinary Nurse Heather. She helped with advice on nutrition, training and don’t forget cuddles! Bob later came to see us for a castration procedure, he was a well-behaved patient! All the staff enjoyed seeing him for his post-op checks after the procedure. His owner’s have done a fabulous job training Bob. Sharon our Receptionist loves giving him a cuddle and a treat.

We believe Bob deserves a big well done from everyone at KVG :)


Teddy was brought to Kingsteignton Veterinary Group as he was having difficulty passing urine and faeces.

The vets did an ultrasound scan and found that Teddy had bladder stones that where also blocking his urethra. An operation was scheduled straight away to remove the stones. The bladder is a very delicate organ to operate on, but the procedure went well, and the stones were removed. Teddy went on to make a full recovery. He is now back to his normal and happy self.

Bladder stones are a collection of minerals and other materials. They can be heavy, cause pain and prevent an animal toileting.

Certain foods can encourage bladder stone formation. Teddy is now on a special diet to help prevent bladder stones from forming.


Say hello to DJ who has been to see us a few times for dentals. 

Did you know rabbits' teeth never stop growing? This can cause problems and pain when the teeth or spurs rub on the inside of the mouth. There is no way to prevent this; some rabbits are just unlucky enough to suffer this. 

DJ has been an absolute star and all the team have come to love him! 


Dempsey was unfortunately in a road traffic accident. His owner brought him straight to us as he was bleeding and had torn some skin near his chest. He also had extensive bruising and was in shock, but luckily didn't have any broken bones or internal bleeding. 

We put him on a drip straight away, with x-rays being taken before his wounds being sutured. 

Dempsey stayed with us for a few days so we could monitor him and provide medication to ensure a recovery that was as pain free as possible. 

Dempsey has been incredibly brave throughout his treatment and regular bandage changes, and has become a fast favourite with the whole team.


Age: 1 year 7 months

This is Ernie, a wonderful Cocker Spaniel. He used to be a nervous and shy dog, but his lovely owner worked hard at training Ernie attending training classes, and with the effort they put in, he has become a confident, happy dog. He came to see us for castration and was a star patient! The nurses gave him lots of cuddles and enjoyed seeing him for his post-op checks after the procedure. It's lovely seeing the bond between pet and owner, and we feel Ernie deserves a big well done from everyone at KVG :) 


Gordon came in to be neutered. Now that he is, he can go to live with his girlfriends without the worry of having lots of unwanted babies! His surgery was performed by vet, Tiziana and went well, and he met lots of lovely vet nurses who made sure he was comfortable and well cared for.
We really do love seeing your small fur babies, and with vet Tiziana currently studying for her exotic pet certificate, it's lovely to see more of them.